Property Portal


Zoning in seconds, due diligence in minutes, the future at your fingertips.

Vivacity’s Property Portal is an information technology platform created for the real estate community.  Built on our cutting edge ML algorithms, the platform  has the capacity to parse and interpret a city’s legal text to seamlessly generate 3D representations of the buildable environment.

Vivacity’s portal can be used to uncover site specific information, find unused development rights, generate financial feasibility reports and query properties in real time.  

Air Rights Database


Market intelligence for unused development rights.

Looking to add an extra floor? Interested in expanding your new development?

Vivacity’s air rights database allows users to fully explore a city's built environment, making it effortless to locate, analyze and transfer air rights. 

If you are interested in adding to your property or exploring the market, sign up today!

Enterprise Solutions


Custom solutions designed to meet your needs.

Vivacity enterprise solutions can be tailored to meet the requirements of your organization or team.

Filter for specific properties or property types, query based on your own unique inputs or investment parameters, incorporate advanced metrics and data sets.

Contact us to learn more about a smart solution for your enterprise today.