What is Vivacity?


Vivacity comes from the Latin word vivere meaning “to live” and carries with it notions of being full of life, vigorous, and spirited.  To be vivacious is to engage in the unbounded energy of life. This precisely describes the reality of cities today.  They are effervescent cores of urbanity that bring forth the living spirit of humanity in all it’s complexity, livelihood, and diversity. This is why we named our company Vivacity. We want to capture the intricacy of the built environment and create tools that help citizens, real estate developers and urban planners. We want to bring out what is best in the cities we inhabit.

What is Vivacity building?

We are building a 3D Zoning Solution for the Real Estate Market.  We believe that effective technological solutions for the 21st century will help the transition from city to Smart City.

Smart Cities

A smart city is a living organism; it’s an environment that effortlessly adapts, learns and grows to accommodate those who inhabit it. Equal parts function and form, it is intelligent, efficient and economically robust.

Who are we?

Our team comes with a diverse technical background,  and we are passionate about everything relating to cities. From real estate to GIS and machine learning, we create solutions for the built environment of the 21st century.