Esri 's Partner Conference and Developer Summit

This coming week Vivacity will be participating in Esri’s Partner Conference and Esri’s Developer Summit.

Esri’s Developer Summit and ArcGIS Javascript API

Last year, when we attended the Esri Developer Summit in 2018, Esri had just released some new functionalities for their ArcGIS Javascript API. We were particularly excited with their new edge rendering capabilities and proceeded to implement it in our alpha version of our platform a month after it was released. The ability to have edge rendered dynamically on the web makes our platform look visually sharper; improving the user experience overall. New York City is a city were all shapes and forms of buildings exist and the density of buildings makes it hard to read 3D buildings without clear demarcation of each building’s edge. Edge rendering helped us solve this UX problem with a couple lines of code:

var symbol = {
  type: "mesh-3d", // autocasts as new MeshSymbol3D()
  symbolLayers: [{
    type: "fill", // autocasts as new FillSymbol3DLayer()
    material: {
      color: [244, 247, 134]
    edges: {
      type: "solid", // autocasts as new SolidEdges3D()
      color: [50, 50, 50, 0.5],
      size: 1

Other new features that we implemented from that release a year ago include feature masking and attribute driven coloring of 3D Buildings.

This year, we are excited specifically about two new features on Esri’s ArcGIS Javascript API:

Esri’s new slicing capabilities show how a BIM model can be dissected in 3D on the web.

Esri’s new slicing capabilities show how a BIM model can be dissected in 3D on the web.

One request we have received from users in New York City is for the ability to measure an existing building’s roof height. With the slice and 3D measure tool, our users will be able to slice existing buildings and compare the height to what is on the property deed and the city’s database.

This simple ability might seems trivial, but in NYC where even the air has a price, the ability to build on a building’s rooftop can make or break a deal.

We can imagine other cool applications for the slice tool. The tool can be used by urban and transportation planners to simulate what would tearing down an elevated highway might look like or they could simulate some pretty bizarre proposals. For example, you can slice all of Midtown and Lower Manhattan out and see how Manhattan would look like if Central Park extended all the way to the New York Harbor.

These are some pretty cool features for the most recent release of the ArcGIS Javascript API

We look forward to all the new features Esri will release in 2019!

Esri’s Partner Conference

We are also excited about Esri’s new ArcGIS Urban offering for cities and the AEC community.

There is a lot of alignment between what Esri is trying to accomplish with ArcGIS Urban and what we are delivering as a Platform. We look forward to conversations with Esri’s ArcGIS Urban team.. If you want to learn more about ArcGIS Urban watch the video below.

If you want to check out how we are using Esri’s Javascript API on our platform, don’t forget to sign up for free: